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Welcome to the HIC’s

Index of Historic Material

Since the 1950s, HIC founder Don Slater had been a consummate collector of materials pertaining to the history of homosexual rights in the United States. The HIC is in process of transferring these materials to the Vern and Bonnie Bullough Collection on Sex and Gender at Oviatt Library of the California State University, Northridge.
As we processes this archives, select pieces will be posted here for the public to view and read. In time, we hope to secure a grant by which to digitally process the entire collection of HIC materials. Until then, your help by making a donation to the HIC will help us to protect and disseminate this information.
YOUR DONATIONS help us to get more of our historic materials online.
UNDER CONSTRUCTION: A Subject Index of our archival holdings


Historical Essays

Title Author Date
Address to Mattachine Society Banquet Dale Jennings Nov. 15, 1953
Gay Los Angeles: The Early Days Jim Kepner 1988
Memories of the Founding of Gay/Lesbian Organizations within the American Sociological Association and the American Anthropological Association: SGC and ARGOH Stephen O. Murray March 28, 2012
Nonconformism in La Belle Epoque pt. 4 Mark Daniel (trans. by Marcel Martin) Oct. 1965
Nonconformism in La Belle Epoque pt. 5 Mark Daniel (trans. by Marcel Martin) Nov. 1965
Notes on the launch of ONE Magazine Fred Frisbie Feb. 1, 2001
The Women of ONE (1954–1960) Jim Kepner Check

From Tangents Magazine

Letters toTangents

Date Source
October 1965 Tangents 1:1, October 1965
November 1965 Tangents 1:2, November 1965

Tangents News

Date Source
June 1965 ONE: The Homosexual Viewpoint 13:6, June 1965
Ocober 1965 Tangents 1:1, October 1965
November 1965 Tangents 1:2, November 1965

Historic Documents of ONE, Inc. and the Homosexual Information Center

Oct. 1952 to Present

Corporate Documents

Date Title
Feb. 7, 1953 Articles of Incorporation for ONE, Inc.
Oct. 15, 1952 By-Laws of ONE, Incorporated

Legal Documents

Title Date
Don Odorizzi v. Bloomfield School District Nov. 1966

Letters of Resignation from ONE, Inc. and the Homosexual Information Center

Date Person
Feb. 22, 1955 Jim Kepner (first resignation)
Nov. 1, 1960 Jim Kepner (reasons for leaving)
Nov. 15, 1960 Jim Kepner (second resignation)
July 23, 1961 Stella Rush
Dec. 2, 1962 Morgan Farley

ONE, Inc. Correspondence

Author Date Source
Frank Kameny Check outhistory.org

ONE, Incorporated • Meeting Records

Date Note
Feb. 7, 1953
March 21, 1953
June 07, 1953
Nov. 1, 1953 First official board meeting for ONE, Inc.
Jan. 30, 1959 Editorial Report, by Don Slater
Jan. 30, 1959 ONE Institute Quarterly Report, by Jim Kepner


Title Date
Home of Bill Lambert Oct. 1958
Tangents Office on Cahuenga Blvd. circa 1970

Press Releases

Title Era Source
First Griffith Park Gay-In May 30, 1968 HIC archives
Los Angeles Homophile Community Organizes Boycott of the Los Angeles Times Oct. 16, 1969 HIC archives
Fagots for Staying Out of Barney’s, Forever Feb. 2, 1970 HIC archives
Pioneer Gay Journalist-Historian, Jim Kepner, Dies at 74 November 17, 1997 One Institute, IGLA

Time Lines

Title Era
History of ONE, Incorporated 1952–1969

Interviews and Transcriptions

Title Contributor Date Source
Interview with Joseph Hansen C. Todd White Sept. 2004 HIC Archives
“Harry Hay: A Voice from the Past, A Vision for the Future” Mark Thompson White Crane Books
Symposium on Outing Don Slater Spring 1990 HIC Archives

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